If you are in the market to add a new knitwear item to your wardrobe this Autumn, there is one iconic British brand we could not recommend more highly. John Smedley is a family owned business which has been manufacturing the finest knitwear products in the world since 1784. There are a multitude of reasons to buy from British fashion labels at the moment, but we provide you with 3 key points as to why John Smedley is top of the list.

1. The world's best quality knitwear

Since January 2013, John Smedley has held the Royal Warrant of Appointment from Her Majesty the Queen as ‘Manufacturer of Fine Knitwear’ - and it has earned this accolade for good reason. Through centuries of hard work and fine tuning, John Smedley has come up with a winning design formula which produces luxuriously comfortable and stylish garments.

Buying a John Smedley sweater or product is an investment, providing you not just with long lasting comfort, but supplying you with a garment which is manufactured to last and withstand the elements. Your average fast fashion product, such as a sweater from H&M or Zara, would be expected to last one to two years. John Smedley sweaters and garments tend to last in the 10-20 year bracket and beyond. You do not need a degree in mathematics to calculate which brand provides better value.

John Smedley - Wool multi colours - The world's best quality knitwear

2. Be conscious of your carbon footprint

There is no arguing that the world is over consuming and we all need to be aware of our fashion choices. Instead of buying a product which has been made 1000's of miles away, using unsustainable methods and often in poor working conditions, consider investing in an item that has been manufactured closer to home. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint but you will also be buying from an ethical British company that has been doing the right thing for generations (not just chasing a quick buck).

John Smedley - sheep UK - carbon footprint

3. Support the county of Derbyshire

Peter Nightingale and his associate, John Smedley founded the company in 1784 at Lea Mills, Matlock, Derbyshire. Lea Bridge provided an ideal setting for the mill, as the brook that ran through the village provided motive power and a constant source of running water. The business has obviously evolved since then, but remains a huge part of the local community.

By buying from John Smedley, you are supporting that community and providing jobs to the Midlands at a tough time for the global economy. The retail industry is undergoing huge change which will see many jobs lost on the high street, however, there is huge potential in the U.K. for home grown brands to manufacture locally, be the hub of their community and to use the internet as their shop window to the world. John Smedley is leading by example and is undoubtedly a credit to the British fashion industry.

John Smedley - Lea Mills Matlock Derbyshire

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