Although you may feel like your finances are tight at the moment, it is best not to cut corners and buy cheaper, lower value, imported foreign food. It is always to buy British food when you can.

Food and your health should be something you never compromise and accept lower quality. That is to say, without good health you will be unable to achieve your best in life. So why settle for less?

We provide 3 excellent reasons why we should all be buying British food and eating the best we can.

1. British food is good for the environment

British food is good for the environment - Green Union Jack

The U.K. has some of the strictest laws in the world when it comes to manufacturing rules and the ethos around these rules is to protect the environment as well as to protect our green and pleasant lands.

Not only do these laws keep the U.K. cleaner, but they also reduce the carbon footprint from goods imported from far away countries around the world.

Importing from far away countries requires using significant amounts of fuel and energy which then gets pumped into the atmosphere in the form of CO2 emissions.

Local goods also don’t need all that plastic packaging which you see wrapped around foreign goods in an attempt to protect it.

2. Buy British food for better quality

Buy British food for better quality - Knife fork union jack

Again, just like U.K. environmental laws, rules around manufacturing quality are very high in our country.

When you are buying British you are buying a product that has gone through a quality control process and can be assured you have consumers rights.

Have you noticed British food also tastes better?

Instead of buying, for example, watery tomatoes from continental Europe that taste of nothing, compare those with beautiful, earthy British tomatoes organically grown in the Garden of England – there is simply no comparison in quality.

Of course, it’s not just tomatoes – British grown meat, fruit and vegetables are packed with nutritional goodness and an unbeatable taste that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

3. Buying British is good for the economy

Buying British is good for the economy - Union Jack Growth Flag

The process of buying British products is excellent news for the U.K. economy. When you buy British, you are investing in quality craftsmanship that has been handed down through the generations.

You are also purchasing better quality goods whilst helping to secure the future for British manufacturers.

Cash spent on British products also filters through to your local economy which keeps your neighbours in jobs and enables U.K. companies to invest in each other.

So there we have it – 3 top reasons to buy British food. Get looking for those Union Jack labels in the supermarkets and, even better, get looking for them in your local shops.